All Picks for Sunday 2/17


Grass Picks for Grass ONLY

AQUEDUCT race 2 ~ PK4 (2-4/2-3/1A-5/4-6-7-10)

GULFSTREAM race 6 ~ (3 star)
#12 FACEINEVERYFLOWER – fresh, main speed
#6 ARENTURINE – the one to beat
#4 JACKS GENES – drops in class
#10 STREET GIRL – drops in class, gets Prado
PK3 ~ (4-6-12/3-4-8/5-6-8)

GULFSTREAM race 7 ~ (2 star)
#3 ANOTHER PLEASE – fresh, loves GP
#4 DRACUP – 2nd off layoff, both wins at GP
#8 RARO – fresh, drops in class
#2 THUS – gets Prado
PK5 ~ (3-4-8/5-6-8/4-5/4/3-7-9) PK3 (3-4-8/4-5-6-8/4-5)

GULFSTREAM race 8 ~ (3 star)
#6 MANUKA HONEY – main speed, turf to dirt, 33% move for trainer
#8 IROQUOIS GIRL – the one to beat
#5 CAPPACHINO GAL – live firster
#4 MAGNOILA LANE – live firster
PK4 ~ (4-5-6-8/4-5-9/4/3-7-9)

GULFSTREAM race 9 ~ (3 star)
#4 TWIGAZURI STRAIGHT – gotten better every race
#5 MINISTER COLIN – drops into restricted race
#9 LIVINGSTON STREET – 2nd off layoff, won at distance
#7 HE’S A CYCLONE – main speed
PK3 ~ (4-5-9/4/3-7-9)

GULFSTREAM race 10 ~ (4 star)
#4 ROYAL DELTA – in different class
#3 GRACE HALL – only one with a chance
#2 ALL FOR THEE – 1/1 at GP
#5 MY PAL CHRISY – 3 wins at distance

GULFSTREAM race 11 ~ (2 star)
#7 CRUISES CREEK – gets firm turf, drops to bottom, speedy
#3 PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE – drops to bottom
#9 LASTING IMPACT – drops to bottom, gets Castellano
#11 ARCH PISTOL – 2nd off layoff

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MY WAGERING STRATEGIES I handicap the races and list 4 horses per race (plus another in case scratches) in order of preference so multi-race and inter-race wagers can be formed. Currently, I am focused on GULFSTREAM PARK  providing my Pick3, Pick4 and Pick5 wagering strategies. My selections for turf races are 2nd to none. I find value and Double Digit Top Pick Turf Winner as my specialty.. Spot Plays may also be included in the daily selections, weekends more probable. Tracks for potential Spot Plays include SANTA ANITA, FAIR GROUNDS, LAUREL PARK, TAMPA BAY DOWNS, and AQUEDUCT. I'll focus around turf races looking to cash nice tickets.

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